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Welcome to the Northeast Knox Utility District's online Customer Service Center for your utility account. Paying your monthly bill is easy! To make paying your bill as convenient as possible, the Northeast Knox Utility District  offers a number of different payment options:

Pay your bill by phone!


Toll Free:  1-888-626-8426

Have your account number ready!

Northeast Knox Utility District has installed an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).  This system provides audio menu prompts to the customer and will receive touch tone and/or spoken responses from the caller. Through prompt/response interaction, the IVR system collects the information necessary to process your payment securely.  Customers may also check the balance due on their account.


Pay your bill online!



              Save time, gas, or a stamp                   Transactions are safe and secure            

Payment is credited to your account instantly                   Check balance, payment history, or consumption

Update your account information                   Pay with your Debit or Credit Card   


Use the instructions below to register if you have not already done so.  Click here to Pay over the internet using your credit card. You will need to register first in order to pay online. Please note that in order to get same-day credit for your payment, you must complete the online payment process and finalize your transaction by 12 noon on weekdays. This internet site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Getting Started

1.   1.  Click on the link from the NEKUD’s webpage or browse to: https://www.logicsolbp.com/nekud/login.aspx

2.  Click on the “Register Here” link.

3.  Input your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, then click “Save”.

4.  An email will be immediately sent to you with a temporary password.

5.  Click “Return Login Page”

6.  Input your User Name and Temporary Password (Note: Your User Name will be your email address)

7.  Once you are logged into Online Bill Payment, you will be prompted to change your password.  Follow the on-screen instructions to establish a

      new password.

8.  Now you will be required to link to your account(s).  Click on “Link Another Account”. You are only required to link to your account the first time you

     sign in.  Thereafter the link will already be established. (Customers with multiple accounts may link to more than one account with a single user name.)



9.   9.  Enter your account number from your bill.            

10. 10.  Enter your tenant number from your bill. 

11. 11.  Enter your account PIN.  (Your account PIN is by default the last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account.  If you do not have a Social Security Number on file you will need to contact Customer Service at 865-687-5345 to have a PIN established for you.)

      12.  Enter an Alias for your account.  (An alias is simply a name that you choose for your account that you can easily recognize rather than using an account number.  Customers with multiple bills will use alias names to differentiate among accounts.  The recommended alias is your address as in the example above.  Another example might be: 201 S. Main St. Irrigation)

13.  Click “Cancel” to go your account.


Pay automatically by direct debit!

Saves Time            No Postage          Saves Money No Postage               No Late Charges            No Cut-offs          Convenient        Worry-free

Pay your bill automatically each month by direct debit to your checking account. Click here for more information and instructions on how to register.



Pay by mail

Mail full payment of the amount due along with your payment stub to the address indicated below. A courtesy envelope is enclosed with your monthly bill for you convenience. Please make your check or money order payable to the Northeast Knox Utility District include the payment stub and write your account number on the face of the check/money order. DO NOT SEND CASH.

Northeast Knox Utility District
7214 Washington Pike
Corryton, TN



Pay in person
You may pay your bill in person at the above address between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.



  "Drive Thru" window

Our drive thru window is located on the east side of the building and open between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.



Pay by night drop box

A payment drop box for "after hours" payments is located on the East side of the building, next to the "drive thru" window.  You must include the payment stub portion of your bill along with a check or money order when using the night drop box.  DO NOT SEND CASH.


Misplace or didn't receive your bill? Click here to register so that you can view your current utility bill online. Simply print out a copy of your bill and send it along with your payment to the above mailing address.

Payment of your utility bill is due by the date indicated on your bill.